Protect America’s Special Places

Protecting our national parks lies at the heart of the shared mission of the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation. From the peaks of Glacier to the streets of Selma, from Ellis Island to Bryce Canyon, our national parks bridge our past to our future.

And many are under threat as global climate change, our nation’s growing population, encroaching development, and the exploitation of natural resources take their toll. No one could have imagined these challenges a century ago.

Your support will help ensure that our national parks continue to restore landscapes, protect threatened habitats for wildlife, and complete the task of acquiring critical landholdings from willing sellers within park boundaries.

Areas of Focus

  • Sustainability Greening the Parks
  • Recovery Restoring Landscapes and Habitats
  • Inholdings Acquiring Private Lands from Willing Sellers
  • Legacy Preserving Historic Places
  • Access Extending Park Trails

Help Protect America’s Special Places

Protect America’s special places by conserving natural habitats, open spaces, and their wildlife; mitigating the effects of climate change; acquiring from willing sellers lands trapped within parks; and preserving and interpreting iconic objects that define historical moments.

Donate Now

For more information about The Centennial Campaign for America's National Parks, please contact the National Park Foundation at (202) 796-2500 or email us at