Inspire the Next Generation of Park Stewards

Much of what we know is learned outside of the classroom. America’s national parks offer powerful place-based learning experiences, where stories and events come alive and are made memorable.

We want every child and teen to have direct access to these extraordinary learning environments. The National Park Service will create digital learning programs and on-the-go mobile applications to bring the parks into schools and homes.

But planting seeds of inspiration cannot be an end goal.

We will nourish these newfound interests and establish outlets for lifelong service and volunteerism. With your support, the National Park Foundation will also dedicate resources and use park assets to boost scientific and civic literacy, creating the citizen scientists and stewards of tomorrow.

Areas of Focus

  • Experience Growing the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps
  • Empower Expanding the Role of Teachers
  • Impact Creating the Citizen Scientists of Tomorrow

Help Inspire the Next Generation of Park Stewards

Inspire the next generation of park stewards by growing our corps of volunteers, investing in teachers, and increasing our use of national parks as outdoor classrooms for students of all ages.

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