Connect People to Parks

Modern Americans, especially young people and urban populations, are alarmingly disconnected from the natural world. And Americans of all ages often know staggeringly little about the civic and historic underpinnings of our nation.

The National Park Service is redoubling efforts to connect people to the outdoors — particularly young, urban, multicultural audiences — and introduce them to our shared history and iconic landscapes. Doing so will ensure that a new generation, and those that follow, discover and embrace the people, places, and events that bring history to life, stretch our minds, and lift our spirits.

Your philanthropy will have a direct impact, shaping a new generation of visitors, volunteers, advocates, explorers, park leaders, and philanthropists, and making our park resources digitally available 24-7.

Areas of Focus

  • Digital Using Technology to Experience Your America
  • Wellness Strengthening Healthy Parks, Healthy People
  • Diversity Reclaiming the Fullness of the American Story
  • Discover Connecting Urban Communities to the Outdoors

Help Connect People to Parks

Connect people to parks by increasing access to our sites, enriching the visitor experience, and using digital technologies to attract a new generation of youth.

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